May 19, 2014

Nearly a hundred people worldwide have been arrested for the use of malicious software known as Black Shades Remote Access Tool. Black Shades RAT is capable of seizing control of victims’ computers and web cameras from a distance, causing people who ain’t afraid of no ghosts to now be very afraid of one ghost who has possessed their computer and is really into taking pictures of them changing.


In other cyber-spying news, the US Justice Department has charged five Chinese military personnel with economic espionage for hacking into the computer systems of various American companies. Fed up with China’s lax cyber-security standards, Americans are considering construction of a Great Firewall, or to put it in terms both nations can understand: a ponderous display of power with little to no effect.


A groups of scientists now believe that they can create matter from light. All they need is a new kind of supercollider that utilizes a slab of gold, a few barrels of caviar, and Bar Refaeli’s phone number.


Correction: her IP address.





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