November 6, 2017

The Supreme Court ruled today that a death row inmate who has forgotten his crime due to strokes and dementia can still be executed. They further ruled that Supreme Court justices who have forgotten any shred of human empathy due to being rich and fortunate can’t possibly understand why states shouldn’t kill people who have no idea why they’re being executed and why such a punishment would patently qualify as cruel and unusual.

On the other hand, if I put myself in the shoes of the victim’s family, I can see supporting the execution…if it had happened twenty years ago, which would have still been three years after the perpetrator was sentenced…when he coincidentally didn’t have dementia.

The so-called “Paradise Papers” have leaked details of the so-called “tax-haven” (a nice way to say “tax-evasion”)¬†industry that is let’s say “robustly utilized” by let’s say “a ton” of multinational companies.

Maybe four out of ten Americans will even bother claiming to be outraged. Two out of ten will actually be sincere. Eight out of ten will scan the Paradise Papers for nifty tax-evasion tips and tricks. Ten out of ten will be pissed off about crumbling infrastructure and inadequately funded education systems.

I’m so happy I read the news today.

Did I mention there have been three high-profile mass shootings in America since I last wrote a “Topical Humor” entry a little over a month ago? No? Guess I couldn’t think of a joke.

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