E is for Ent

It had been a thousand spans of a thousand years since the plant folk had gathered, but with the world now on the brink of fiery destruction the time had come at last. Thus they creaked down their old branches and wrenched their tired roots from the soils, the sands, and the stones. Called upon once more to do battle with their ancient adversary, the Flame Infernal, they lumbered from every nook and cranny of the globe in all their vast varieties: came the mountain summit’s Ent and the water bank’s Ent; came the lonely plane’s Ent and the crowded deep forest’s Ent, came the farmhouse’s Ent and the city park’s Ent; came the vineyard’s Ent and the greenhouse’s Ent; all except for the Egg Cellar Ent. He wasn’t invited.

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